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My work is in constant evolution.
Starting from minimalist forms and trying to find the perfect balance between space and forms,

I have been evolving until I have reached the abstraction of the most intimate and personal form. My works are a reflection of my experiences, impressions and thoughts, which in turn are evolving. My works show both my personal evolution, and the one as an artist. I face them in an intense and intuitive dialogue, in which the process of creation takes on special importance in the work. 

The contemplation of nature and the effect of grandeur leads me to reaffirm how ephemeral we are and the need to capture the present moment. The admiration and fascination for the landscapes that surround us as well as the awareness of the now are the basis of my work. Creating is my way of manifesting life. Abstraction and intuition are at the forefront of my work. Colour reflects my emotions and the way I see our surroundings. Starting from the chaos that we can find in nature, but which at the same time is orderly, I try to bring this balanced disorder to my work

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